Hemp Home Decor But Make It Aesthetic

Hemp Home Decor But Make It Aesthetic

Want your home to reflect the inside of your brain? Incredibly weedy, decidedly stylish, and unafraid to make a statement? Check out some of our favs below:


  1. Green Ikebana Cannabis Floral Arrangement Poster, Marijuana Art Print Series, Weed Photography Wall Art, Broccoli Magazine x Goldleaf - Featured in the first issue of Broccoli Magazine, This dreamy print is perfect for any room in your house.

  2. Baked as A Cake Wall Print,- Because cake is always a good idea, especially when you're baked.

  3. Joachim Koester From the Secret Garden of Sleep 06, 2008, This high-brow art print is perfect for the connoisseur stoner who wants to elevate their home decor.

  4. TERRARIUM by Beth Hoeckel This subtle weed-inspired collage is a great way to add a touch of green to your space without being too over-the-top.

  5. Marijuana Botanical Illustration Painting Poster Print, This adorable bonsai print is perfect for the stoner with a soft side.

  6. Still Life 3 "Nature Morte" This baroque still life is perfect for the stoner with a classic art vibe.

Home Decor:

  1. VICE EDIBLES CANISTER, This stylish canister is the perfect place to store your edibles.

  2. Mushroom People Blanket, Broccoli Magazine - This cozy blanket is perfect for cuddling up on the couch after a smoke sesh.

  3. Lux Eros x LEUNE Lips Ashtray, LEUNE Lab - This handmade ashtray is the perfect way to ash your stash in style.

  4. Halo Vice, Halo Edition: This sunset lamp is the perfect way to add a touch of ambiance to your home.

  5. EMPTY BOOK Stash Box, This hollowed-out book is the perfect place to hide your stash from prying eyes.

  6. Saturn Lighter Case, Me Make Pretty: This chic lighter case is the perfect way to keep track of your lighter.

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