High Ideas: How To Not Let Them Go Up in Smoke

High Ideas: How To Not Let Them Go Up in Smoke

Have you ever been struck by a bolt of creative lightning?

That's the feeling many describe when they're high – a sudden burst of clarity, sharper senses, and a seemingly endless flow of ideas. We call these flashes of brilliance "high ideas," and they have the power to propel us into creative territories we never knew existed.

But here's the prob: these high ideas can vanish as quickly as they appear. What felt like a groundbreaking solution in the moment fades into a hazy memory, leaving you wondering if it was ever truly that profound. (For example, that note you have in your phone that just says "Sandwich Machine" and "Mouse Circus" - these are mysteries that are better left unsolved.)

But fear not! Here's how to capture and cultivate the magic of high ideas:

  • Be a Trapper of Thoughts: Keep a dedicated "high idea" journal or voice recorder nearby. Capture these insights as they come, creating a record of your creative journey. This way, you can revisit them later with a clear head and evaluate their potential.
  • Offload Your Mind: Recording your high ideas frees up mental space for further exploration. Think of it as transferring your creative spark from your brain to a safe place, ready to be reignited later.
  • Not All Ideas Are Gold: Some high ideas might fizzle upon closer inspection. That's okay! Even fleeting thoughts can guide you on your creative path. They're stepping stones to uncovering something truly remarkable.
  • From Haze to Reality: In the sober light of day, sift through your high ideas. Share them with trusted friends, brainstorm together, or simply let them simmer. This critical evaluation helps identify the ones with the most potential.
  • Action is Key: Brilliant ideas are just possibilities until you take action. Whether it's launching a project, pursuing an artistic dream, or advocating for change, the true power of high ideas lies in turning them into reality.

PS - If you want to dive deeper try these:

Capturing Your Spark:
Beyond journals and recorders, there are many ways to snag your high ideas. Try mind maps to visually organize your thoughts, sketch out concepts, or even use voice notes on your phone for quick capture.

The Power of Community: Discussing your high ideas with others who share your creative spark can be incredibly rewarding. Online forums or local creative communities can provide valuable feedback and inspiration.

Final thoughts -

Hemp's creative potential is a gateway to exploration, invention, and transformation. By embracing the fleeting nature of high ideas and nurturing them with intention, you can unlock your full creative potential and bring your wildest dreams to life. So next time inspiration strikes, grab your metaphorical net – a world of infinite possibilities awaits!

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