LEUNE Lab Holiday Gift Guide: The Finer 420 Things In Life

LEUNE Lab Holiday Gift Guide: The Finer 420 Things In Life

This holiday season, why not treat the hemp connoisseur in your life to a selection of high-end, finely crafted products designed to elevate their 420 experience? From premium apparel and elegant storage solutions to unique accessories and artful cannabis photography, our Finer 420 Things in Life Gift Guide has you covered. Explore these exceptional gifts for those who appreciate the finer things.

  1. Bliss and Mischief x LEUNE Shadow Tee, LEUNE Lab
    For the fashion-forward hemp enthusiast, the Bliss and Mischief x LEUNE Shadow Tee is a must-have. This vintage-inspired tee boasts a unique design that beautifully merges that lived-in look with a modern spin.
  2. Lexco, Elevate Jane
    Elevate your rolling game with Lexco, a finely crafted rolling accessory from Elevate Jane. Designed to hold up to three 1 1/4 size joints, this sleek and elegant storage solution ensures your joints remain fresh and protected.
  3. Stash Monkey Stash Box, Stash Monkey
    This stash box by Stash Monkey is a work of art. Not only does it provide a secure and discreet storage solution, but it also features a built-in vape caddy for cartridges and all-in-one vapes. Plus, dividers allow you to organize your flower and hemp gummies with ease. We also love the built in combo lock for extra security.
  4. LEUNE x MiiR Astronaut Travel Tumbler, LEUNE Lab
    Give the gift of coffee with the LEUNE x MiiR Astronaut Travel Tumbler. This stylish, double-wall insulated tumbler will keep your loved ones beverages at the perfect temperature while showcasing their love for all things LEUNE.
  5. Pebble Match Strike, Houseplant
    The Pebble Match Strike from Houseplant adds a touch of elegance to your smoking experience. This stylish match strike is not only functional but also makes a statement in any cannabis collection.
  6. Super Chill Box, Superette
    The Super Chill Box from Superette is a curated collection of
    high-quality accessories. This box includes a selection of premium items like pre-rolled cones and a lighter (featuring brass lighter sleeve) to enhance your hemp experience.
  7. A Weed is a Flower: Artful Cannabis Photography, Broccoli
    Explore the world of cannabis through the lens of artful photography with "A Weed is a Flower." This beautifully crafted book by Broccoli is the perfect gift for art and cannabis enthusiasts.
  8. Renewal: Face + Body Oil, TONIC
    Give the gift of relaxation and rejuvenation with TONIC's Renewal Face + Body Oil. This luxurious CBD oil is perfect for infusing your self-care routine.
  9. 36" Mother Pot Plant, Pot Plants
    Add a touch of nature to your living space with the Mother Pot Plant from Pot Plants. This realistic faux plant is a unique and eye-catching addition to any hemp lover's decor. 
  10. Italian Kush Sniff + Spray, Boy Smells
    Enhance your space with the Italian Kush Sniff + Spray from Boy Smells. This fragrance spray is designed to create an inviting atmosphere with a subtle hint of cannabis.
  11. Velvet Toiletry Bag, LEUNE Lab
    Transport your hemp gummies in style with the Velvet Toiletry Bag from LEUNE Lab. This elegant bag is perfect for keeping your essentials organized and secure.
  12. Billie Bubbler, Wandering Bud 
    The Billie Bubbler from Wandering Bud is a work of art and a functional smoking accessory. This pearl-finished bubbler adds a touch of sophistication to your smoking experience.

This holiday season, surprise your hemp-loving friends with gifts that reflect their appreciation for the finer 420 things in life. From stylish apparel and elegant storage solutions to unique accessories and artful cannabis photography, our gift guide has you covered. Elevate your gift-giving game with these finely crafted products that will surely be cherished by your loved ones.

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