The Ultimate Guide to 420 Dog Toys for Your Furry Friend

The Ultimate Guide to 420 Dog Toys for Your Furry Friend

For all you herb-loving folks with furry companions, we've got something special in store. There’s a whole world of weed-themed dog toys that didn’t know you and your furbaby needed. From hemp-inspired chew toys to munchie-inducing plushies, we've curated a range of playful and fun accessories for your dog to explore.

Weed Nug and Blunt Pack
Who says dogs can't have their own brand of fun? This pack includes an absolutely adorable  Weed Nug and Blunt. Imagine keeping your pup entertained with a weed nug. CUTE, right? Crafted with top-quality materials, these toys are not just safe but also built to last. Your furry friend will have a blast with this dynamic duo of weed-themed toys.

Dooby's "Weed Leaf Emoji" Hemp Dog Toy
This "Weed Leaf Emoji" dog toy is a must-have. Made from natural hemp, this eco-friendly toy is perfect for eco-conscious dog pawrents who want to pamper their dogs with a high quality toy that's got a touch of silly.

Oversized Inflatable Tennis Ball
Get ready for some larger-than-life playtime with the Oversized Inflatable Tennis Ball. Humans get excited about huge joints, so it stands to reason that dogs absolutely freak out over giant tennis balls. It's perfect for outdoor play, giving your dog a new dimension of fun. Imagine a stoned game of fetch in the yard – what a hoot!

B-O-N-G-O (Hint: It's all in the name 😉)
B-O-N-G-O, the bong dog toy, is here to bring laughter and joy into your home. With its whimsical design, this toy will have your dog "puff, puff, fetching" on loads of fun. It's a fantastic addition to your collection of 420-themed dog toys. 

Burger Patty Squeaky Plush Dog Toy
For dogs who get the munchies, this Burger Patty Squeaky Plush Dog Toy is a must-try. It's an irresistibly cute plushie that your pup won't be able to resist. And it squeaks, adding an extra layer of fun to playtime.

Whether you're a weed-loving dog parent or just looking for a playful and unique gift for a friend's pup, these 420-themed dog toys offer a mix of humor, creativity, and fun. Why not indulge in some stoner-themed playtime with your loyal buddy? These toys are designed to add an extra layer of enjoyment to your daily life. And don't forget, while these toys celebrate the weed culture, they're completely safe for your furry friends. Enjoy!

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